Russell Thorburn

Photo by Bill Sampson

Russell Thorburn Bio:

Russell Thorburn is the author of four books of poems:  Approximate Desire, Father, Tell Me I Have Not Aged, The Drunken Piano, and The Whole Tree as Told to the
Father, Tell Me I Have Not Aged is Thorburn’s personal odyssey of crossing the half-century mark, a journey chronicled and held open to us readers as if we are watching a not-so foreign film.  David Dodd Lee writes, “In The Drunken Piano he creates an intense and complicated emotional persona of using the fictional consciousness of others.”  He has received numerous grants, including a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship.  He is the editor of three anthologies of middle school poetry: Wheat Fields with Poetry and Crows, Pencils on Fire, and Word River.  His radio play, Happy Birthday James Joyce, was aired four times on a National Radio affiliate, and was performed on Off-Off-Broadway.  Thorburn teaches poetry in a small mining town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.